2016 ✨💗

Hey darlings!

Wow, it’s been way so long since I’ve last time written a blog post – over 6 months 😟😟😰😓 I should make a promise to myself to write more often but due to my studies, it rejects me from writing.

So, what happened to me so far? I can tell that some VERY GOOD AND BEAUTIFUL THINGS have happened to me from 2015 till now. Starting off from last year : In September 2015, I’ve got accepted as an MCAST Foundation Certificate in Care student. My experience is a very good one considering the fact that in the beginning, I wasn’t feeling comfortable especially the subjects and the times of my timetable, the venue, the teachers and last but not least the students. My group isn’t the very best one unfortunately, but at least I have a few friends who aren’t too snobby and rude, so I should thank God for them 🙏🙏  I also had my one-month placement at Mater Dei hospital as part of my studies. I have to say that this journey was good and which it was a challenging month yet a rollercoaster but I managed to survive and do it all.. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff of the Orthopaedic Outpatients department for their kindness, honesty and friendliness but most of all, a massive ‘Thank You’ goes to the nursing officer for being such an incredible person, her support she gave me and warmth and for making this experience an unforgettable one. As a Foundation Certificate in Care student, I personally gained a lot of experience and self-confidence of what happens in the care sector which I’ll be definitely using it hopefully to become a kindergarten assistant or in a primary school. Apart from that, getting lots of good luck wishes for the future and with very good feedback along with satisfactoring work gives me more boost to continue what I want to do and what I want to be in the future.

January 2016 will ALWAYS be a very wonderful, beautiful and unforgettable month for me… I’m saying this is because a beautiful miracle has happened to me and my then boyfriend at that time, when he came to celebrate his 30th birthday in Malta with me and this miracle is my boyfriend, after a year and almost two months together, has asked me to marry him and I said ‘YES’ on the 13th January. 💍 We are such a happy engaged couple right now and of taking this important step (the road to marriage) in the future which we still can’t believe that it’s happening. We’re gonna take all the time we need. It’s not easy but with determination, support, belief and strength we will be a happy married couple one day especially with people who surround us with these elements.

Lots of love ❤️ x x x x


Bullying ♥

Hey sweethearts!

I’m finally back to blogging. It’s been a long time since I last time blogged, it felt like forever xD

Anyway, I started off with a sweet and funny note, but now I’m back to being serious. Today, I read a post on Twitter about a close friend of mine who revealed herself and what she was going through. After I read it, it touched my heart so much that I felt that I had to write a blog post about the thing that unfortunately, some way or another, everyone has gone / is still going through : BULLYING. You may not hear a lot about adult bullying, but it is a huge problem.


What is Bullying?

Bullying is a pattern of aggressive behaviour meant to hurt or cause discomfort to another person. Bullies always have more power than victims. Their power comes from physical size, strength, status, and support within the peer group.

There are three types of bullying:

  1. Physical: a person is harmed or their property damaged
    Some examples are:
  • slapping, hitting, pinching, punching, kicking
  • locking in a confined space
  • unwelcome touching
  • extortion

2. Verbal: a person’s feelings are hurt through insults and name-calling
Some examples are:

  • name-calling
  • unwelcome teasing
  • taunting
  • spreading rumours, gossiping
  • racist or homophobic comments

3. Social: a person is shunned or excluded from groups and events.
Some examples are:

  • excluding from a group
  • threatening or insulting graffiti
  • threatening notes, letters, emails, telephone calls
  • threatening words, actions or weapons

Bullying may be obvious or hidden. People who are being bullied…or are bullying others may:

  • complain of being poorly treated
  • change their behaviour (for example, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, angry outbursts, being sick in the morning, become more aggressive towards siblings)
  • be unwilling to leave the house, change their route to school, or skip school
  • come home with torn clothes, unexplained bruises, new clothes or other items, or money not accounted for
  • talk about responding to others in a way that may result in the school taking disciplinary action
  • start doing poorly in school

The terms harassment and intimidation are sometimes used when referring to bullying situations involving junior and senior high students.

Harassment is any behaviour or comment that is hurtful, degrading, humiliating or offensive to another person.

Intimidation is the act of causing fear in order to force or influence someone to do, or not to do, something.

Some examples of harassment and intimidation:

  • name-calling
  • unwelcome teasing
  • locking in a confined space
  • racist or homophobic slurs
  • unwelcome touching
  • threatening notes, letters, e-mails
  • threatening words, actions or weapons
  • taunting
  • excluding from a group
  • spreading rumours
  • threatening or insulting graffiti
  • stalking
  • extortion

One would think that as people mature and progress through life, that they would stop behaviors of their youth. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sadly, adults can be bullies, just as children and teenagers can be bullies. While adults are more likely to use verbal bullying as opposed to physical bullying, the fact of the matter is that adult bullying exists. The goal of an adult bully is to gain power over another person, and make himself or herself the dominant adult. They try to humiliate victims, and “show them who is boss.”

There are other different types of adult bullies, and it helps to know how they operate:

  1. Narcissistic Adult Bully: This type of adult bully is self-centered and does not share empathy with others. Additionally, there is little anxiety about consequences. He or she seems to feel good about him or herself, but in reality has a brittle narcissism that requires putting others down.
  2. Impulsive Adult Bully: Adult bullies in this category are more spontaneous and plan their bullying out less. Even if consequences are likely, this adult bully has a hard time restraining his or her behavior. In some cases, this type of bullying may be unintentional, resulting in periods of stress, or when the bully is actually upset or concerned about something unconnected with the victim.
  3. Physical Bully: While adult bullying rarely turns to physical confrontation, there are, nonetheless, bullies that use physicality. In some cases, the adult bully may not actually physically harm the victim, but may use the threat of harm, or physical domination through looming. Additionally, a physical bully may damage or steal a victim’s property, rather than physically confronting the victim.
  4. Verbal Adult Bully: Words can be quite damaging. Adult bullies who use this type of tactic may start rumors about the victim, or use sarcastic or demeaning language to dominate or humiliate another person. This subtle type of bullying also has the advantage – to the bully – of being difficult to document. However, the emotional and psychological impacts of verbal bullying can be felt quite keenly and can result in reduced job performance and even depression.
  5. Secondary Adult Bully: This is someone who does not initiate the bullying, but joins in so that he or she does not actually become a victim down the road. Secondary bullies may feel bad about what they are doing, but are more concerned about protecting themselves.

It is important to note, though, that there is little you can do about an adult bully, other than ignore and try to avoid, after reporting the abuse to a supervisor. This is because adult bullies are often in a set pattern. They are not interested in working things out and they are not interested in compromise. Rather, adult bullies are more interested in power and domination. They want to feel as though they are important and preferred, and they accomplish this by bringing others down. There is very little you can do to change an adult bully, beyond working within the confines of laws and company regulations that are set up. The good news is that, if you can document the bullying, there are legal and civil remedies for harassment, abuse and other forms of bullying. But you have to be able to document the case.

Adult bullies were often either bullies as children, or bullied as children. Understanding this about them may be able to help you cope with the behavior. But there is little you can do about it beyond doing your best to ignore the bully, report his or her behavior to the proper authorities, and document the instances of bullying so that you can take legal action down the road if necessary.

I finish off with this encouraging note : Don’t you EVER take notice of what other people think and say about you, they don’t know you better other than yourself. Keep your feet onto the ground and remember : YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE NO MATTER WHAT!! ❤️

Speaking of bullying, I can’t end this blog post by posting a video that means the world to me of my favourite, dearest and special Irish ESC 2013 singer Ryan Dolan named ‘Start Again’. The video has all the perfect things one can go through and how to prevent it.

Ryan Dolan – Start Again

Take care! X

“Warrior” by Amber ✨

On the 9th March, it has officially been launched the song “Warrior”, together with a video of the song to compliment Malta’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, being held in Vienna this May.

Since “Warrior” triumphed at Malta Eurovision, the team responsible for the song’s production have taken it to another level.

“Warrior” carries a motivational message that anyone can relate to. It is meant for anyone going through or has been through a tough period in life. The song inspires with extra motivation to find an inner strength to conquer fears and anxieties.

The video remains faithful to the lyrics and interprets the song by turning a negative mood into a positive attitude. It presents Amber living her memories and shows how she comes out triumphant, overcoming the challenges she has faced. The concept was to create an aspect of mystery, always bringing the past into the present. The visual elements progress in a way that suits the song rather than in a chronological manner, and therefore leaves “Warrior” centre stage.

What to say about the new version and the music video of ‘Warrior’?

The new version : Pure perfection!! The vocals are much MUCH better than the original one and some slight changes in the composition of the song were made. Really calm, strong and its uniqueness dominates the whole lot.

The music video : WOW!!! Just WOW!!! In the video, there’s this big contrast of the past with the future and once again, her beautiful and powerful voice made the video really mindblowing.

Definitely, I have to rate them both 10/10! I’m sure that Amber will slay Vienna in May and make Malta and us Maltese VERY proud 👌🙏

Amber is my very own Maltese warrior!! 💖 BRAVA AMBER!!! 👏

Happiest girl in the world!!!

What a week this has been for me! 😍🙏💞…

Right now, I could cry with happiness, pride and gratefulness :’) Also, I’ve taken off a bit the sad mask off my face :’) To all those people who think that long distance relationships don’t work : YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG!! I always believe that if there is full belief, support but most of all LOVE between two people then the relationship WILL work. We had romantic and beautiful moments, laughed, listened to each other, got to know each other a little bit more – still has a long way to go; this is only the beginning, smiled, cried, talked about some important AND beautiful things (in which some of them will remain private between us)… we did all the things other people do in their everyday lives. Not to mention the many compliments I got from my dearest and beautiful boyfriend. They were so beautiful that I just fell in love with him even more, my heart was jumping with happiness and cried.

I have never ever and will never love someone as much as I do to my special someone. God gave and blessed me with a TRUE best friend, angel and gentleman from heaven and I don’t want to lose him. I’ll keep on praying to God to give many more strength everyday.

Once again, I can confirm that my favourite trait to make my loved ones happy, make a difference and with a smile on their faces has worked… and it fully worked on my special someone! ☺️❤️

I didn’t cry because it’s over, I smiled because it happened :’) 💖 And I really can’t wait to be repeated hopefully as soon as possible.

This week will remain a very precious and special moment in my heart forever!

How am I feeling? I’m in 7th heaven, so happy and in love!! :’) 💖

“Phoenix” by Molly Sandén 💕

My first post for 2015… and with what am I going to start it? With something that really touched my heart today.

So, a Swedish female singer with the name of Molly Sandén has just launched her brand new video named “Phoenix”.  What to say about it?

Love what the video and the song stand for, but what grieves me most is over the fact that it fired objects of glass, plastic, metal and medicines, etc. in the same location; things that should be addressed specifically where hazardous substances are not released to the environment and the atmosphere. It is 2015, we are no more environmentally conscious than this? The video can of course ask the people themselves to burn the things that really should be handled in a different way. My favourite part in this video is that there is a part in which two boys were holding a dictionary and the word “gay” was circled.
The criticism can be understood also to be given to such things even makes us feel so mentally ill that they actually do. But I hope the filmmakers still thought of this before the idea of this so-called bonfire went through. It also shows how it’s important to let go all the complexes and causes of self-doubt.
I must say that it’s a great song and I like Molly’s strong commitment to mental health and encouragement to be proud of who you are and what you went through.

I must admit… I used to dislike this Swedish singer, but after watching and hearing this I guess that I have to change my mind. OH MY GOD!!! You all must go and press that ‘Play’ button and see if you remain speechless cause I have!! ‪#‎biggestfavourite‬ ✨😍🙊💖

Stay strong and keep on fighting for the things that are most important for building a story of your OWN life.

Hugs to you all ❤

What 2014 meant for me 💜

2014 is soon coming to an end and I’ve decided to write a few of my most happiest moments that touched my heart of what happened to me this year : –

– In February, my favourite but most beautiful, wonderful, amazing and one-of-a-kind Irish singer, rolemodel and idol came out as ‘gay’. I’m very happy and proud of him of doing this with 100% strength. Later on, I wrote a post on my blog about when he released his video ‘Start Again’ from my heart and with pure love which talks about his childhood, what he was going through while he was growing up and being bullied because of his sexual orientation. I must say this : He might be gay (and I fully accept it and him being like this!!) and I found it so hard to believe it at first, but I found out that he IS the MOST beautiful man in the world inside-out and I know. I’ve concluded also that you shouldn’t care about the sexuality of the person but about what’s inside the person. Thanks to him, I realized what is TRUE LOVE and made me super duper happy and loved for A LOT of times. Don’t even have words what to say! I’m SO proud to have a person of this orientation in my life and will NEVER regret it who in the future, will be my dearest, best and close friend of mine and pray a lot for this wish to come true and if it will, I’ll be really really happy. On a personal note : ‘NO ONE SHOULD BE TREATED IN A DIFFERENT WAY BECAUSE EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD IS EQUAL AND SHOULDN’T BE JUDGED BUT 100% LOVED FROM THE SEXUAL ORIENTATION OF THE PERSON.’ Will forever love and support him in his life. 💖

– Last summer, I had the opportunity to do summer work with 9-year-old children as a playworker assistant in the Floriana primary school. I’m really really happy, blessed and grateful that my summer work experience as a playworker assistant/teacher with the 9-year-old children was beyond my expectations and really appreciated. It was simply MAGICAL and made my summer 2014 the BEST OF THE BEST one. Would love to repeat this experience again in 2015 since with their innocent but beautiful smiles of theirs asked me if I’m going back next year :’) It made me so emotional. 💖 It was the best when one of the 9-year-old girls told me these words about myself : “You’re a VERY beautiful girl with a VERY beautiful personality a friend can have”. That will be my biggest treasure in my heart TILL ETERNITY!!!! 🙏❤ They also inspired me to return to college next year to study for a child carer. I really hope it will happen to me! ‘No dream is out of reach… if you just believe.’

– I really am IN LOVE with English stuff and I couldn’t mention in my post Prince William’s visit to Malta for the Golden Jubilee since Malta became independent from the British colony to represent the Queen. When I heard about the news I freaked out a lot because he’s such a very beautiful and inspirational man inside out. He thanked Malta and the Maltese people so much for the warm welcome they gave to Prince William during his 2-day stay and he didn’t say ‘NO‘ for returning again. I knew that the royal couple LOVE Malta so much. I’m really looking forward to see them here in 2015 for the Commonwealth which is going to be hosted for the second time in Malta. On my behalf, I want to thank Prince William so much for coming too.

– My dream of becoming a makeup artist came true. I’m so proud that I love makeup even more than ever.

And now, for my 2 MAIN highlights of the year : –

– Seeing the Junior Eurovision Song Contest being hosted in my country was one hell of a wonderful experience… WHAT A NIGHT IT WAS THAT NIGHT!!! One word : PERFECTION… from the beginning till the end. Once again, a huge ‘Well Done’ to all those organizers who have worked really hard to put up such a SUCCESSFUL, FANTASTIC and UNFORGETTABLE show in a very professional way. Who would ever thought that Malta is NOT capable of hosting such a spectacular show like the Eurovision in such a very small country? We Maltese have proved that we ARE capable of doing it and EBU were right about the capability of Malta hosting the Eurovision. MALTA 2014, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY FAVOURITE JUNIOR EUROVISION SONG CONTEST SHOW!!!! ‪#‎cannotdescribetheMaltesepride‬ ❤❤

– And the MAIN one : After a couple of months getting to know each other through Facebook and Twitter, I’m very VERY happy and proud to say that I’ve met in person one of my close and best friends and a week later – 22nd November, I found happiness and fell in love with my beloved, supportive and finest boyfriend Martin Hart, who is Scottish and also Irish descented, during his 4-day vacation in Malta – on the 15th November – same day of the JESC in Malta :’) WOW!!! WHAT. A. GUY!!!!! :’) Don’t even have words to describe what a beautiful young man he is INSIDE OUT. ‪#‎madlyinlove‬ ❤ *keeping fingers crossed that he WON’T change neither for me nor for nobody*. So proud and happy and will always be to have him in my life. I don’t even words to thank him about the love, happiness and support he gives me EVERY SINGLE DAY whether near or far. I’m totally speechless and grateful for what he does to me 😍❤❤❤ I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!! 😍❤😍❤ Am so proud that the Scottish part has became a part of me, but the Irish part in my life has grown into me even more than ever too 💚 #‎reallybeyondhappy‬

Scotland and Ireland in my heart and my biggest loves till I die!!! 💙💚

I may haven’t started 2014 with happiness as I was going through a very hard time and I’ve had hard times and struggled during this year, but I’m very happy that I’m going to end it with a huge smile on my face and managed to get out of them with full strength. Overall : 2014, thank you for making this year the BEST OF THE BESTEST one. You will ALWAYS be my 3rd most favourite year and engraved in my heart.

2015, my body is 100% ready for you!!!!!!

Why I love December and Christmastime so much 🙈☺🎅🎄🎁🌟💫✨

Hey sweethearts!

What does December mean to me? To me, this is my MOST favourite month as this month is my birthday month and of Christmas fulfilled with joy and love with the family and friends, exchange gifts, kisses and greetings to each other, seeing lots of colourful Christmas lights and decorations in the houses and streets, but also it’s the month of replete with sentimentality and thoughtfulness. Every year, I start to land and think what year has included and given me for better or worse, the people Ihave lost in various ways but also new people as it has won in life. I light candles in the dark to remember and to pave the way for the new, the new which gives me hope for what lies ahead.

I feel SO grateful, happy and loved for the people who make my life into something even more amazing than it would be without you and being with me every year (you know who you are!). Am also grateful that some people stay away from my life as it makes my life even better.
I now light a candle for life & love and remember : YOU all get to be just as amazing as you are, no matter how you look and what you believe in. 🌟💫✨

Huge warm Christmas hugs and love to you all 💛